Our project "A New Center" - the future of Aryatara Institute

Why a new, self-owned building?

We are convinced of the methods Tibetan Buddhism offers people to overcome personal and social difficulties. Inspired by our teachers, we see it as our responsibility to become more "visible" and to expand our activities so that the Aryatara Institute and its program will become better known and more accessible to a wider public.

From the dark, cramped backyard spaces we want move into our own, bigger and brighter building, which offers suitable surroundings to pass on the teachings of Buddha in the best possible way, to promote the cultivation of positive states of mind and to enable the development of contentment and inner bliss.

The move to our own building is also a step forward considering financial terms. We currently pay over 23,000 Euro a year in rent. A building of its own makes the Aryatara Institute independent of
rent increases and many restrictions that an apartment building entails.

Our vision of the future Aryatara Institute, which May last 50 or 100 years and more, is a 3 or 4 storey building with a base area of approx. 1,000 sqm, a cafe/restaurant, parking lots and garden.

Considering the current real estate prices in Munich, we need 6 to 7 million euros to realize this vision. Our enquiry to Lama Zopa Rinpoche has shown that our prospects to be able to
raise 7 millions dollars for the new Aryatara Institute look good. In addition, prayers and pujas are necessary for the success of the project.

Building calculations and financial requirements

Wie wir uns das Gebäude des zukünftigen Aryatara Instituts vorstellen, zeigt Dir unser Bedarfsplan.

Our requirement plan gives you a picture of how we envision the building of the new Aryatara Institute. Click here to see our calculations on the financial requirements and the profitability of the new centre. 

Find out what the new Aryatara Institute will look like