What we are looking for

We are looking for a city house with several residential levels, basement and garden. The main gompa, the central event location, is supposed to be located on the ground floor. A cafe and/or restaurant provide(s) the visitors the possibility to exchange ideas. The upper levels are available to the residents and guests of the house. In the basement is enough space for office rooms and a workshop.

The garden has enough space for a stupa. The house could be an old villa, a residential building, an industrial building or a former hotel. We will take care of reconstruction measures if needed. The central gompa should have enough space for events with many visitors. Meetings and seminaries should take place in suitable rooms independent from the running program.

Rooms for...

  • Bigger and smaller events
  • Accomodation for teachers and guests
  • Living areas for ordained and lay people
  • Retreat rooms
  • Childcare
  • Workshop/atelier
  • Cafe/restaurant
  • Lirbrary
  • Publishing room for Aryatara Publication
  • Shop
  • Offices
  • Garden with stupas

Which possibilites are available for us to find a suitable object on the Munich real estate market?

  • Location of the future center:
    Close to downtown if possible. In order to reduce costs possibly outskirts.
  • Financing:
    Among other possiblities by letting of appartments.

The financing

We want to use the following possibilites to finance our plan:

  • Bank loan
    On the basis of a business plan for our project we apply for a loan at a bank.
  • Loan through private sponsors
    Sponsors of the Aryatara Institut grant the center a loan.
  • Donations by supporters
  • Sponsors of the Aryatara Institut donate and thereby contribute to the financing.
  • Leases
    The revenue of the letting of the apartments help to manage the loans. 
  • Guarantees
    Guarantees have a greater priority in economic practice than credit securities. Supporters grant as guarantors compulsory financial securities. The Aryatara Institut can apply for a loan at a bank with these securities.


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